About Us

Lilac is Bangladesh’s upcoming femtech focusing on feminine hygiene & health. Lilac’s vision is to raise awareness and prioritize feminine hygiene & de-stigmatize the process of menstruation with a vision to support and empower the women of Bangladesh.

Lilac is diving into the feminine hygiene and health market in Bangladesh, with an aim to destigmatize and modernize menstrual health and hygiene care solutions by creating a safe space and a 360 degree platform for women through our hygiene bundle, app with several useful features like ovulation tracking app, and a dedicated e-commerce marketplace for feminine hygiene products. “

Lilac – Confidence Within

Unknown to many, the color – Lilac, symbolizes confidence. As we gradually create a community and safe space for women where they will be encouraged to share their stories, experiences, and problems without hesitation, our aim will be to provide the women with confidence to do so. Lilac flower has always been used on occasions as a mark of celebration, hence we want to represent our brand as a platform which celebrates women.

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A Lilac Girl is Confident, Bold, Fun and Self-Loving!
The Lilac Girls is a community that is audacious enough to talk about things that the society perceives as taboo. We believe it’s time to be a part of the change.
Welcome to the sisterhood!

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