About Us

Lilac is Bangladesh’s first-ever holistic wellness digital platform for women! Lilac’s aim’s to cater to women’s health as a whole by providing them support through various services ranging from Wellness Packages, Ovulation Tracking, E-Shop, Blog, and Medical Expert Consultation (soon to be launched).

We want to become the one-stop solution for all women of Bangladesh by catering to all the needs surrounding their health, whether it’s a teenager or a young mother. We are constantly working towards destigmatizing women’s health and hygiene through our content and campaigns.

Lilac – Confidence Within

Unknown to many, the color – Lilac, symbolizes confidence. As we gradually create a community and safe space for women where they will be encouraged to share their stories, experiences, and problems without hesitation, our aim will be to provide the women with confidence to do so. Lilac flower has always been used on occasions as a mark of celebration, hence we want to represent our brand as a platform which celebrates women.

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A Lilac Girl is Confident, Bold, Fun and Self-Loving!
The Lilac Girls is a community that is audacious enough to talk about things that the society perceives as taboo. We believe it’s time to be a part of the change.
Welcome to the sisterhood!

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