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Lilac is dedicated to bring you the ultimate Hygiene Bundle which ensures complete hygiene for your body and to make your periods hassle-free! Let’s take a look at what we have in store for you!

We have been working on curating the ideal hygiene bundle that provides the ultimate support during your “that time of the month” and takes care of your overall hygiene. Our Base Bundle comes with a Premium Box which consists of these essential items such as:
*Period Cramp Relief Patch – Period cramps are horrible right? Using a cramp relief patch on your abdomen can help relax the muscles of your uterus. It’s these muscles that cause period cramps. Heat can also boost circulation in your abdomen, which can reduce pain.
*Panty Liners – Haven’t used a Panty Liner before? Well they can become your best friends – light and reliable on both your before and after your heavy flow days. Panty Liners are integral in absorbing everyday vaginal discharge, unexpected light period flow, light spotting, staining at the beginning and ends of periods. But remember to change the liners every 3-5 hours to maintain your hygiene.
*Intimate Wipes – Maintain your intimate hygiene levels and pH levels easily with the help of intimate wipes. The wipes are apt for travel or when you cannot use water to clean yourself.
*Disposable Bags – Yes, we know your distress of throwing away your used napkins/tampons! Hence, just giving you a small assistance in making these disposable bags available at your convenience wherever you are.
*Chocolate – Did you know chocolates are natural mood boosters? We know that your hormones are all over the place and all you need is some comfort which a small chocolate can provide.

Lilac offers a completely customizable & personalized hygiene bundle, with carefully curated products to fit your needs. Schedule a monthly delivery and receive it at your door, right on time.
Convenience – We are providing you a total hygiene care bundle right to your doorstep. Whether it be a one-time purchase or monthly subscription, the Lilac Hygiene Bundle will reach you right when you need it!
Variety – We are providing you a total hygiene care bundle right to your doorstep. Whether it be a one-time purchase or monthly subscription, the Lilac Hygiene Bundle will reach you right when you need it!
Personalization – We know that every woman’s period is different so Lilac is here to offer you own hygiene bundle, which you can modify according your needs. Find the liberty to customize your way through your monthly essentials. At Lilac, we celebrate your freedom to choose!


Yes! You can purchase the Hygiene Bundle with absolutely no commitment!

Everyone is different, and we believe your Lilac Bundle should be personalized for you. So we made our Lilac Bundles fully customizable. You can choose your product preferences, add-ons and more!

Yes! The best part about Lilac Hygiene Bundle is that you can choose to customize it your way! So, add up your preferred sanitary napkin and other hygiene, skincare, and food items along with the Hygiene Bundle.

Yes, you can! You can login anytime and adjust your shipping schedule. You can also change your shipment intervals by month.

Yes. Login to your account and switch up your product options, add extras and remove items as needed, although the Basic Bundle is fixed! If you ever need a hand, just email contact@lilacforyou.com

You can subscribe for 3 months, 6 months, or 12 months now! Your subscription renews monthly, but you can skip, pause or switch up your delivery intervals at any time.

No worries! We totally understand. Although we can’t alter orders once they’ve been processed, we can definitely do our best to help you out! Send us an email at contact@lilacforyou.com and we’ll see what we can do.


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble logging to your account, we’d be more than happy to help you out. Just shoot us an email to contact@lilacforyou.com and we’ll see what we can do!

If you notice a problem with your address and you haven’t received a shipping notification or tracking information, email us at contact@lilacforyou.com so we can do our best to make changes to your order information!

Of course! You can make this change on your Account page. If you need help, email us at contact@lilacforyou.com

We currently accept payment via Cash on Delivery and Bkash (cash out charges applicable).


We are delivering all over Bangladesh.

You can expect your delivery within 2 business days inside Dhaka city of your order confirmation email. Deliveries outside of Dhaka will take 3-5 business days. You will receive your Order Invoice upon confirming all the details.

Do you offer Express or Urgent delivery service?

How much do you charge for delivery?

We definitely hope this never happens, but if it does, email us at contact@lilacforyou.com and we’ll get replacement products shipped to you right away, on us!

If you receive a product different from what you ordered, we’re so sorry about that! Please contact us at contact@lilacforyou.com and we’ll be sure to get you the products you ordered!

We want you to love what you receive but we totally understand if you need a refund. Email us at contact@lilacforyou.com within 7 days of your order and we’ll help you process a return right away.