Boots – Liberelle Non Applicator Tampons Regular (24pcs)

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Boots Liberelle Non Applicator Tampon Super 24s

  • Long lasting protection
  • Gentle widthway expansion to fit your body and ensure full security and protection
  • Rounded tip for easy insertion
  • Soft cover for easier removal & protection from fiber los

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  1. The first step you need to follow each time you’re inserting a non-applicator tampon is to thoroughly wash your hands.
  2. Check the packaging of your tampon and make sure it doesn’t have any tears or holes. If it does, discard it and choose another one.
  3. Unwrap your non-applicator tampon. You’ll find the tampon string nestled against the tampon itself. Pull the string completely out.
  4. Hold the string firmly and twist it a few times. Doing this will create an indentation in the bottom of the tampon — the perfect place to put your finger during application. It also ensures that the string will be placed correctly after you insert it.
  5. Find a comfortable position. Sit on the toilet or stand up with one leg up. You can use a toilet or bathtub to support your foot in this position.
  6. Gently push the skin around your vaginal opening away with your free hand.
  7. Now get a firm hold on the tampon with your thumb and middle finger.
  8. Next, place your index finger in the small pocket you’ve created. Push the tampon inside your vagina, aiming it toward your lower back. Push it in until you reach the base of your finger. You won’t feel the tampon when it’s in the right place. If you do, push it a little further in.
  9. Make sure the string is left hanging outside of your body.
  10. Wash your hands, and you’re done!

*Use as instructed on the pack
*For warnings please see pack.


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Boots - Liberelle Non Applicator Tampons Regular (24pcs)

৳ 500.00

Out of stock