Lilac – Love Bundle


Valentine’s Lilac Exclusive!

Celebrate love and self-care with our premium box designed for a pampering experience. This limited-edition bundle goes beyond the basics, addressing your period woes with thoughtful essentials curated for your comfort.

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The Valentine’s Love Bundle includes:

  • Premium sanitary pads for maximum comfort
  • Soothing cramp relief patches
  • Refreshing intimate wipes
  • Discreet panty liners for extra protection
  • Disposable bags for hassle-free disposal
  • A sweet surprise with delectable chocolates
  • Soothing tea for moments of relaxation
  • Nourishing Strawberry Face Pack for a pampering session
  • Hydrating Lip Balm for soft and supple lips
  • Stylish scrunchies for a cozy and chic touch
  • Aromatic candles to create a calming ambiance
  • Thoughtful flower card to brighten your day

Because you deserve the best during every phase of your cycle.


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