o.b ProComfort Silk Touch Tampons – Regular (20)

৳ 450.00

o.b. Pro Comfort Silk Touch Non Applicator Regular Tampons 20 Pack

Designed by a female gynecologist o.b. ProComfort Tampons Regular provides maximum protection for average flow.

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o.b. ProComfort Tampons are made of compressed layers of highly absorbent fibers which are interwoven to hold together and remain intact. Safe and convenient, o.b. ProComfort Tampons expand in width to give you a gap-free snug fit. With the right protection for you, OB Tampons can help prevent staining accidents and menstrual odor. Body structure and menstrual flow differ from woman to woman, o.b. ProComfort Regular Tampons are designed in a smaller size for average flow


Do not flush wrapper, please wrap tampon securely and dispose of with normal household waste.


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o.b ProComfort Silk Touch Tampons - Regular (20)

৳ 450.00

In stock