Senora Bio (8)

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Senora Biodegradable Sanitary Napkin pack of 8 Pads

Senora introduces the first-ever biodegradable sanitary napkin, offering a sustainable choice for menstrual hygiene.



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These pads are designed to degrade in the soil within 6 months, significantly reducing environmental waste. Free from fragrance and chlorine, Senora Bio napkins are gentle on the skin and provide leak-proof protection. Made from fully biodegradable materials, these sanitary napkins care for both you and the Earth. Choose Senora Bio for an eco-friendly menstrual solution.

  • Environmentally Friendly: Degrades in the soil within 6 months.
  • ┬áBiodegradable Materials: Made from fully biodegradable materials, reducing environmental impact.
  • Free from Fragrance and Chlorine: Ensures a gentle and natural experience, avoiding potential irritants.
  • Leak Proof: Provides reliable protection throughout usage.



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