“The Lilac hygiene bundle has really made things easy for the most of us. I got it once and it was really a mood lifter! Really love the fact that it is customizable – there are great options to choose from, something for everyone! The best part is how affordable it is.”

Maleena Gomez
Creative Consultant, Designer

“Period is a blessing in every girl’s life but still now our society considers it as something impure. Many girls can’t express their opinion about periods or their suffering due to the narrow mentality of society. In that case, LILAC WOMEN’S CARE took a great initiative. Their hygiene bundle made my period days easier for me. Also, this step of lilac women care can actually bring a change in our society about how people think about PERIOD .”

Fardina Ahmen

It’s a great experience with Lilac. Special care for women is essential and lilac has done this job perfectly. Who doesn’t want some mental and physical comfort during the menstrual cycle, if it is in such a beautiful way then it can be said that lilac is perfect.

Kakoly Barman Chaity

The packaging is too cute to die for and the products are amazing ! I had my special products delivered too, it was so nice & thoughtful.

Khadiza Tasnim Faria
Software Engineer

Lilac provides the much-needed items that create a better situation for those who used to have critical two days during menstruation. I experienced my critical days with Lilac this month and trust me I felt so relieved and better than those previous months. Highly recommended hygiene bundle for all the girls out there.

Zareen Anan Mahira
Post Graduate

Period isn’t a myth anymore and it’s high time we should talk about it openly! At this time of the month, we, girls go through a sort of pain and discomfort which cannot be explained in words. We cannot stop it but we can make it easier and bearable with the help of self-care, definitely! For this Lilac has come up with this unique idea of “Lilac Hygiene Bundle” which is a box full of goodies curated with care and the best part is, you can choose your preferred products from a huge list! They have covered your hygiene to your skin and even items available for your mood swings! Invest in one of these boxes, every month! Trust me, you won’t regret it and it’s gonna be perfect for your Self-care and Self-love.

Mahenur Rahman Anima
Student, Content Artist

We live in a society where we girls can never be vocal about the struggles that we face being in period which is a natural thing yet considered as a myth lilac for you helps build that confidence in you that makes you feel pampered and comfortable about it. I got mine delivered from them and I was in awe with their packaging super cute and it has all the necessities required to help you go through this natural and amazing process very proud of this initiative.”

Sakina Moiz

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