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Laurier Cleanfresh Fresh Floral Panty Liners (20)


Sanity Applicator Tampons Regular (10)

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Laurier Premium Hygiene Care Panty Liners (20)


Laurier Premium Hygiene Care Non-Perfumed Pantyliner pack of 20

Haven’t used a Panty Liner before? Well they can become your best friends – light and reliable on both your before and after your heavy flow days. Panty Liners are integral in absorbing everyday vaginal discharge, unexpected light period flow, light spotting, staining at the beginning and ends of periods. But remember to change the liners every 3-5 hours to maintain your hygiene.

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perfect choice for your daily hygiene needs. Designed with an extra-absorbent layer, this pantyliner quickly absorbs moisture, keeping your skin dry and clean while preventing unpleasant odors.

Its ultra-thin and flexible surface follows your body’s movements, avoiding creases and ensuring comfort. The bottom layer allows moisture to escape, maintaining the health of your intimate area.


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