Women’s Health & The Stigma Around Us

Remember when someone hushed down their voice while discussing about period? How many times have you hid your sanitary napkins in a paper bag to avoid embarrassment in public? The hesitation that you feel while buying any period product, or while telling your mother that you are suddenly bleeding, or while visiting a doctor to discuss your reproductive health – is all part of the stigma that surrounds us.

In a developing nation like Bangladesh, at least 10 women every hour suffer from health issues revolving around reproductive health and hygiene. The grave stigma surrounding the health of women here in Bangladesh and Southeast Asia is clearly alarming. As more and more women are contributing in the workforce, the development in the health sector which benefits them is stagnant. While we observe global tech companies and brands making their mark in the femtech world, south asian countries stay behind significantly as the taboo surrounding female health and hygiene is ever daunting.

While the distribution and availability of sanitary napkins across Bangladesh is quite impressive, the lack of diverse and convenient hygiene products and dearth of holistic platforms which cater to this issue still poses a question- Are we ready to create a change?

The women of Bangladesh are slowly becoming more aware of their health and wellbeing and are waiting to receive access to more convenient solutions. Lilac has been created with the vision to “empower the women of tomorrow” by creating a platform where women can have accessible and affordable solutions to their health and wellness.

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