Laurier Relax Night 30cm (8)


Laurier Relax Night 30cm pack of 8


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Laurier Relax Night Wing 30cm, designed to provide comfort and protection during the night. Equipped with a QuickLock System and a Dry Surface, this sanitary napkin swiftly absorbs liquids, preventing leaks and maintaining dryness for an extended period. This feature ensures the skin remains dry and fresh throughout prolonged use.

Featuring an anti-wrinkle layer that conforms to the body’s shape, this pad offers a secure fit without gaps, enhancing comfort and safety during wear. Additionally, the leak-proof side safety design on both left and right sides prevents easy sliding for added security. With its widest back protector and three stripes, this Laurier Relax Night Wing variant provides enhanced coverage and protection.

Laurier’s commitment to innovation and quality ensures that this 30cm-long sanitary napkin offers both comfort and reliable overnight protection, catering to your needs during your menstrual cycle.


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